Are You a Veteran who requires assistance getting in and out of bed? If so, you may be eligible for the AgileLife Transfer & Mobility System, the only Zero-Lift Transfer System on the market

Next Health is committed to working with the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide the AgileLife TMS to our Veterans when applicable. For further information, complete and submit the contact form.

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Benefits of the AgileLife Transfer & Mobility System for Veterans:

  • Home is a source of Pride and Independence for many veterans. The AgileLife TMS enables in-home care, allowing you to “Age in Place”.
  • Allows you to remain with your loved ones.
  • AgileLife requires Zero Lifting, which offers the opportunity for your loved ones to care for you safely.
  • Improves quality of life
  • Fosters dignity
  • Promotes independence
  • Reduces risk of falls and other injuries, in comparison to a manual lift, to you and your care taker

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A few of our veteran family members…

The Wife Who Didn't Give Up

Upon seeing a demonstration of AgileLife, the client's wife, Mrs. W, teared up and hugged our team. Mrs. W told our team that she says two prayers every night, (1) that she dies a day after her husband and (2) that she never has to put him in a nursing home, and that our device was an answer to her latter prayer. Once her husband was approved for a AgileLife TMS and was able to use it in their home, Mrs. W sent our team several emails about how wonderful the device was and how much safer she felt. She said, "Again we are so very grateful for this piece of equipment via loan from the VA that will enable me to keep him at home throughout this syndrome." Furthermore, she was "Anxious to share the message of how to help keep loved ones at home, when they have caretakers who wish to do so." She said, "Blessings to each of you, while you think of the device as a business venture, I see it as a ministry," and told several people she knew about the device. She later sent an email to the VA clinicians that helped evaluate her husband and told them, "AgileLife is definitely a benefit to us as I am no longer using my strength to lift him in and out of bed, and I am no longer worried that we may both fall."

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The One Star Army General

Bill, a retired U.S. Army General, suffered a massive stroke on April Fool's Day forty one years ago. At the time he was not expected to survive the first night, then the week, then the month, or even the first year; but Bill did. He is still here after all these years. He survived his wife of 61 yrs who always believed she would be here.

Bill is paralyzed on his left side entirely. He wore a brace on his left leg and foot for the days he could walk with the help of a quad cane. Bill also suffers from seizures, which is controlled by medication. He suffers from advancing Parkinson's disease, and dementia. Bill is now 86 years old and he can no longer walk with help, he can no longer stand on his own, he can no longer sit-up without support. But we, as a family, do not wish him to be anywhere but in his own home. Bill's niece has been living with him and two hired aides. They have been caring for him; cleaning and bathing, dressing and feeding, going to medical appointments. Now we have reached the stage where Bill can no longer help us help him. It has become a major problem of mobility. We three women can no longer lift him to transfer him from wheelchair to lazy boy chair, or to his own bed. Once in bed we cannot move him around, making dressing and undressing extremely difficult.

Next health has changed all of those problems for us. We don't have to lift him; the bed moves him for us. We can shift him up or down, and move him into the wheelchair from bed. We can take him for breakfast at the dining table, and let him see and enjoy his home. And when he's ready, it allows us to get him back into his bed, where he sits up and watches TV or reads the paper.

He recently had to be hospitalized, and the paramedics were fascinated with the whole system. Once he came home the physical therapist learned how to operate the bed and chair and could really see the advantages. It has made our lives much easier and given Bill more time to be home and not in a nursing home.

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