Private Homes

A Desired Care Setting with Challenges

Safety, comfort, familiar surroundings and a customized food plan are all conducive to healing and overall well-being for any immobile individual. The private home setting allows for availability of these in an immobile individual's daily life. Challenges are found in the skill, strength and manpower required to utilize a traditional ‘lift’ or hoist system in a home for transfer out of bed to chair or commode and back. With the AgileLife system, home clients needs are met through the ease of transfer and 'Zero-Lift' environment that is created.

Many Challenges Solved with a Zero-Lift Solution - The AgileLife System

  • Allows one caregiver to transfer an individual in and out of bed, on and off the commode while allowing frequent repositioning.
  • Provides a comfortable pressure re-distribution surface for bed and chair.
  • Reduces the risk of falls, pressure ulcers and other immobility associated consequences through improved mobility.
  • Restores dignity and privacy while reducing or eliminating anxiety and embarrassment during transfer processes.
  • Prevents caregiver injury and requires no specialized training for caregiver use.
  • Integrated software tracks transfers and re-positions allowing for transfer and movement records.
  • In-bed scale monitors weight changes allowing for early awareness of developing conditions such as congestive heart failure, end stage renal disease and more.
  • Has an optional, integrated bed exit alarm system which can prevent both falls and wandering.

Testimony from "David" a family member of a home care client:

Both my mother and I benefited from her having the AgileLife system at home. My mother suffered from congestive heart failure, diabetes and kidney disease and had a complicated medical history. She experienced a number of falls, including one in a long term care facility, and eventually became immobile. Not only was this very difficult for my mother, it was also a burden on family and difficult for the aide to reposition and transfer her. I was frequently called both at home and at work and needed to go to my mother’s house to help transfer her in or out of bed or to help boost her in bed.

When we received the AgileLife, this changed. Not only was the AgileLife the best thing for her --- she was much more comfortable in the bed and it was much easier to get in and out of bed now --- it no longer required my needing to frequently leave work to assist. One caregiver was able to both transfer and boost my mother in bed safely and comfortably. The ability to raise the foot and head of the head and the ability to get out of bed daily and sit in the wheelchair was better for my mother due to fluids in her lungs from the CHF and the swelling in her legs. In addition, my mother had difficulty using a bedpan and the ability of the wheelchair to convert to a commode made things much easier and more comfortable for her. She experienced no falls while having this system.

Next Health’s customer service was wonderful and I would recommend the AgileLife to others. My mother is now deceased however my sister feels the same way I do about the impact of the AgileLife on all of our lives.