Skilled Nursing Facilities

A Facility Setting with Staffing and Equipment Needs 

Residents in Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) as well as Long Term Care (LTC) facilities are in need of timely, safe transfers from bed to chair or commode while also maintaining residents personal dignity and independence. These facilities struggle with inadequate transfer devices for the immobile resident as well as inadequate facility staffing as healthcare costs rise. The Zero-Lift AgileLife system reduces transfer time, accelerates the frequency of transfer due to ease of use and promotes dignity and independence.

Residents Needs are Met with the AgileLife System:

  • Resident’s transfer and reposition takes place in under 2 minutes increasing the resident's overall mobility and decreasing skin breakdown.
  • Safety features allowing prevention of resident falls and staff injury thereby reducing insurance and compensation costs.
  • Allows for residents’ toileting needs to be met in a timely fashion resulitng in reduced anxiety, pain, urinary tract infections and constipation. 
  • Includes hospital bed functions enabling re-positioning and boosting in bed for residents in a seated position thereby reducing the risk of choking during snack/meal. 
  • Optional bed exit alarm with integrated risk settings that prevents both resident falls and elopement with cognitively impaired residents ("Never Events").
  • Includes a bed scale providing monitoring of the resident’s weight assiting in identifying development of congestive heart failure, end stage renal disease and other conditions.
  • Simple Zero-Lift transfer and re-positioning process restoring dignity while reducing or eliminating fear, anxiety and embarrassment for the resident.
  • Data collection ability that enables monitoring of patient transfer and re-position activity to ensure that the resident’s care plan is being followed.

Quote from a 50 y/o SNF resident suffering from acute Guillain-Barre syndrome:

...the Hoyer caused extreme pain and this (the AgileLife) is totally comfortable. I felt a sense of freedom when this came and can’t say enough about it. I’d love to come and work as a salesman for NH when I recover because everyone needs to know about this!