Healthcare Costs Rise

Rising expenses for hospital systems to maintain and run an effective multi-specialty and multi-service setting result in cost cutting efforts and ultimately staff reductions.  With patient and clinical care worker’s safety as a top priority in acute care settings, the traditional ‘lift’ or hoist systems being utilized include risks of falls, skin injury and overall strain in both patient and caregiver. The AgileLife system reduces transfer time and utilizes a single caregiver for transfer inherently increasing safety standards and providing cost savings to the healthcare institution.

The AgileLife system increases safety and lowers cost by:

  • Saving time and improving efficiency.
  • Reducing staffing needs associated with patient transfers and re-positions through single caregiver environment.
  • Preventing both patient and caregiver injury ultimately reducing compensation costs for the hospital/HCF.
  • Preventing patient falls while preventing long term hospitalization and associated CMS penalties.
  • Preventing pressure ulcers through the improved mobility and pressure redistribution surfaces thereby preventing prolonged hospitalization and associated CMS penalties.
  • Preventing other immobility associated consequences including constipation and urinary tract infections due to the timely ability to transfer onto the integrated commode with the assistance of one caregiver.
  • Providing an in-bed scale providing weight monitoring thus allowing for awareness of conditions such as congestive heart failure, end stage renal disease, diabetes and cancer.
  • Enabling patients who are weak or fatigued to boost themselves in bed with the touch of a button rather than wait for busy staff to help them.
  • Enabling surgical patients to get out of bed to a seated position post-op in a timely fashion, promoting healing and helping to prevent complications.
  • Providing an optional integrated bed-exit alarm with three risk levels for patients who are high risk for falling or wandering.
  • Reducing patient anxiety while providing patient comfort, dignity and improved privacy.