Management Team

Robert A. Musumeci

Chairman & CEO

Bob is the founder, president and CEO of RTA International Inc. as well as CEO of NEXT HEALTH LLC. Bob has over 35 years of senior management experience in the highly regulated aerospace and government supply markets. RTA International, Inc. is a diversified international manufacturing and management company with corporate offices in Stamford, CT. RTA is responsible for manufacturing, procuring and servicing airline seat components and has developed unique and proprietary expertise in precision manufacturing and life cycle analysis. Bob has provided, and will continue to provide, significant expertise and leadership in furthering the development of NEXT HEALTH and the AgileLife product line, both domestically and internationally.

Bob resides with his wife Janine in Connecticut.

Raymond A. Curatolo


Ray leads NEXT HEALTH as President following a 30-year career with IBM where he served in executive positions responsible for bringing product offerings to market.  Throughout his career at IBM, Ray was responsible for the development and financial requirements needed to bring a variety of products to market with a special focus on defining and satisfying client needs. While at IBM Ray fostered partnerships with many c-suite executives, driving significant benefit for both parties and continues this effort with Next Health research, design and client delivery partners for the AgileLife system.

Ray is focused on providing 21st century solutions to overcome the physical limitations of non-ambulatory and poorly ambulatory individuals and drives the Next Health mission statement of providing superior, innovative products to maximize the quality of life for the disabled, their caregivers and loved ones.

Ray holds numerous awards from his tenure at both IBM and Next Health. During his IBM career, Ray achieved awards including Golden Circle, One Hundred Percent Club and the Patent Application Invention Achievement award at IBM. Since becoming President of Next Health in 2009, under Ray’s leadership Next Health received a Quality Innovation Award for the state of Connecticut and lead the successful FDA Audit for the AgileLife system. Ray received his Bachelors Degree at St. Francis College and earned his MBA at Sacred Heart University.

Ray resides in CT with his wife and two daughters.

Jeff St. Pierre

Product Manager

Jeff leads the customer experience team at NEXT HEALTH including technical support staff, quality management, customer service and the AgileLife System design team. Since 2012, Jeff has brought his tenacious program management experience honed in the combustion engineering and aerospace field to Next Health and spearheads large initiatives including the FDA compliance audit for the AgileLife System.

Prior to joining Next Health, Jeff held a variety of roles at RTA International where during his six-year tenure he managed the full customer experience for both overseas and US clients. With an extensive Quality Control background, and aerospace influence, Jeff is focused on both product and process improvements with an eye towards enhancing the client experience. Jeff is leading the design improvements and Quality Management System (QMS) adherence for the AgileLife system through his direct customer contact and consultation and lead with the Next Health Quality Management Team.

Jeff is driven by the AgileLife product line’s ability to provide a compelling improvement in the quality of life of the sick or disabled as well as the injury prevention aspect for the people that care for them.

Jeff resides in CT with his wife and two sons.