AgileLife vs. Sling Lifts

Patient sling lifts (also called hoists or "Hoyer Lifts"), whether portable or ceiling, have not changed much since they were first introduced into the healthcare world years ago. The sling lift had its origins in the automobile business where an engine hoist was used for lifting or lowering heavy loads. Sling lifts are not only humiliating but also uncomfortable, time-consuming and anxiety producing.   The current standard requires two or more caregivers to transfer or re-position a patient to be "log rolled" into the sling. Caregivers always busy and not immediately available to assist each other. So urgent needs are often put on hold.

The AgileLife TMS does not require any manual exertion on the part of the caregiver, does not require a second caregiver to assist, is readily available. The AgileLife TMS is comfortable, mitigates anxiety and promotes dignity. Because the AgileLife system saves time and eliminates undue physical strain, frequent transfers are the norm, not the exception. Frequent movement lessens the risk of bedsores, promotes circulation, respiration and overall wellness. Wellness combined with lowering risk of falls , caregiver injury and all of the associated expenses are all part of the Agile Life TMS "New Standard of Care."