Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs)

Maintaining Independence for the Immobile Resident 

Residents can live independently and ‘Age in Place’ with assistance and supervision in an Assisted Living Facilty (ALF) setting. The challenge of maintaining independence for an immobile resident of these facilities is often experienced with the traditional ‘lift’ or hoist type of devices for movement and repositioning. The AgileLife system enables a safe, comfortable transfer while maintaining privacy and dignity.

The AgileLife system can assist ALFs and residents by:

  • Negating the need for multiple pieces of medical equipment in a small space (i.e. mechanical lift and commode) while allowing for a more esthetically pleasing environment.
  • Enabling safety, comfort, privacy and dignity during transfers and re-positions.
  • Reducing the need for extra staff members to assist immobile residents and thereby reducing costs for both the resident and the facility.
  • Helping ALFs reach their goal of independence for immobile residents due to the ease of transfer.
  • Decreasing the risk of resident and staff injury.
  • Allowing residents in “no lift” ALFs to remain there rather than be moved to a nursing home.
  • Preventing resident falls and skin breakdown.
  • Preventing urinary tract infections and constipation in immobile or disabled residents due timely transfer to commode with a single caregiver. 

Quote from TM, daughter of ALF resident:

In the last year of my mom’s life, she suffered numerous small strokes leaving her unable to move and speak. We hired a private aide to care for her, but after a while even she had difficulty lifting her in and out of the bed and wheelchair. We found the AgileLife system which enabled an easy transition from bed to wheelchair and back with the press of a few buttons on a computer keypad. My mom loved it, was able to remain with my dad in the ALF and was able to spend the better part of her day out of bed.