AgileLife Surface Options

The AgileLife system offers alternative surface solutions to compliment the bed and wheelchair components. While the increased frequency of transfer and patient movement can yield extraordinary outcome benefits including reduction in pressure ulcers, complimentary surface solutions can further improve outcomes.

Mattress Options:

  • Base Mattress: Prevent Elite pressure redistribution
  • Optional Mattress: GRZ air pressure redistribution

Wheelchair Cushion Options:

Base: Gel Pressure Cushion

Commode Integration


  • GRZ pressure redistribution
  • Anti-thrust gel cushion

Product Technical Specifications

Bed Frame Length93"91.5"
Bed Frame Width43"41.5"
Sleep Deck Width36"36.5"
Sleep Deck Length80"80"
Sleep Deck Height (low)15.5"15.5"
Sleep Deck Height (high)28"28"
Weight Capacity500lbs500lbs
Bed Schematic
Overall Width28"33"
Overall Height35"40"
Overall Depth32"41.5"
Seat Width18"22"
Seat Depth16"18"
Wheelchair Schematic
Overall Length114"122"
Hospital Grade PlugYesYes
AgileLife System Schematic