Ray CuratoloAuthor: Ray Curatolo

We are reflecting on a momentous year here at Next Health. Our team has worked diligently on improvements and client delivery of the AgileLife system and the efforts were Rewarded this past summer with the 2015 Platinum CQIA Innovation Prize for the AgileLife Transfer and Mobility System!

Next Health has continued to take the AgileLife system into product releases incorporating design and features to accommodate immobile individuals. The innovation and steadfast improvements our team has worked hard to bring to the marketplace was evident to the Connecticut Quality Improvement organization leading to recognition and a final Platinum level award.

Founded in 1987, the Connecticut Quality Improvement Award, Inc. (CQIA) is the nation’s first state level quality award and uses the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for Performance Excellence criteria in an effort to advance programs that significantly improve quality, performance and marketplace competitiveness. CQIA identifies manufacturing, healthcare, education, government and not-for-profit organizations within the state that excel in managing quality improvement for business success and growth. The CQIA Innovation Prize is presented to organizations that have introduced a new product, service or process within the state of Connecticut in the past five years that is innovative in the marketplace or its industry. It must also have proved to be beneficial to both the organization and its customers.

Thank you to the voting members of the CQIA and we are thankful to be part of an illustrious group of fellow Connecticut manufacturers and innovators.