AgileLife Transfer and Mobility System (TMS)

The AgileLife Transfer and Mobility system (TMS) is a revolutionary no-lift transfer solution allowing a patient to be moved from wheelchair to bed and back without a manual or mechanical lift. The TMS solution is a ‘Zero-Lift’ due to the integration of a hospital bed, wheelchair, commode, sophisticated software and docking system. Through the use of a touchscreen, these components work together seamlessly for transfer and in-bed repositioning.

Used in both private homes and health care facilities, the AgileLife system can reduce numerous challenges in the care of immobile individuals for family members, caregivers, clinical staff, and healthcare facility administrators.

Features & Benefits of AgileLife

AgileLife improves safety - a top priority in any healthcare or home setting

Mobility - Many chronically immobile individuals are confined to beds for a large part of their waking hours. This immobility increases reliance on others to aid in activities of daily living. The AgileLife provides a ‘Zero Lift’ solution with a bed to wheelchair transfer in 2 minutes requiring minimal assistance from a single caregiver. The ease of transfer and reduction in time and staff to complete this move can improve overall mobility for the individual while simultaneously reducing injury for the caregiver.

Skin Integrity - As mobility increases through the AgileLife system, there is a decreased risk of skin breakdown. The ability to transfer easily and frequently from bed to chair and back ultimately lowers the risk of pressure ulcer development while potentially enhancing overall health and wellbeing.

Personal Well Being - A sense of dignity and independence can be lost when one is immobile. The AgileLife system facilitates a less stressful and more frequent movement ultimately enhancing independence and overall quality of life.

Reduction in Patient Falls and Injury - AgileLife’s Zero Lift solution reduces the risk of a person falling during transfer. The current standard requires manual or mechanical assistance via a lift system and multiple caregivers. In the Zero Lift environment, the possibility of patient falls and skin injuries from lifting movements can be greatly reduced.

AgileLife increases home and facility efficiency - staffing needs rise as budgets tighten

Reduces Caregiver Injury - Caregivers are at risk for injury in both home and facility settings during manual transfers of individuals and even with the use of traditional lifts. Neck and back injuries reported by clinical staff that are associated with patient transfer incidents are estimated to be at $20 billion annually. With Zero Lift, the AgileLife system eliminates the physical strain inherent in manual sling/hoist transfer products.

Reduces Transfer Time - The AgileLife’s Zero Lift solution transfers immobile individual in two minutes. A caregiver utilizes a touchscreen to control all movements of the system. The AgileLife system provides an efficient alternative to the current standard of a multi-caregiver manual lift or a mechanical sling transfer system. Often sling transfers can take ten to twenty minutes per immobile individual this can include locating the device, positioning the sling and final lift transfer. These lifts require two or more experienced caregivers utilizing caution during the transfer process.

Eliminates or Reduces Staff - The AgileLife’s Zero Lift solution allows for a single caregiver to complete a transfer from bed to wheelchair or commode and back with only the use of a touchpad. The reduction in staff assistance in this transfer solution can reduce costs, saves time and drives efficiency in either home or healthcare facility settings.

AgileLife assists in patient monitoring so medical complications can be minimized

Weight Monitoring - Bedridden and mobility compromised individuals experience a decline in cardiovascular, metabolic and musculoskeletal functioning as a result of immobility. Dysfunctions that may arise from this and other chronic medical conditions may manifest through weight gain or loss. The AgileLife system provides an in-bed scale making it easy to monitor an individual’s weight to catch potential problems early. Early intervention can potentially prevent medical complications, ER visits and hospital admissions.

Data Collection - Overall atrophy of muscles, impaired skin integrity and metabolic decline take place quickly in the immobile patient. Movement is paramount in maintaining overall patient health. With the AgileLife data collection ability, daily transfer and repositioning can be monitored.

Movement Detection - Through an integrated bed exit alarm, the AgileLife system can detect patient movement away from the center of the mattress. It alerts caregivers that a patient, who may be at high risk for falling, is getting too close to the edge of the bed or is attempting to get out of bed. This enables a caregiver to quickly intervene.