The Only "Zero Lift" Transfer & Mobility System

The Challenge

If you are a professional or family caregiver, and the person you care for requires assistance with transferring in and out of bed, or to and from the bathroom, you know the challenges. Next Health offers the AgileLife© Transfer & Mobility System© (“TMS”), the only “Zero Lift” transfer and repositioning system that affects better outcomes for immobile individuals, their families, caregivers and their providers.

Simply Solving Complex Needs

The AgileLife© Transfer and Mobility System from Next Health is an integration of several assistive devices that virtually eliminates caregiver lifting, patient discomfort, risks of immobility related complications, and “Never Events”.

How the TMS Helps

  • Improves Caregiver Safety
  • Increases Caregiver Efficiency
  • Supports Clinical Outcomes
  • Enhances Patient Experience
  • Shows Administrative Leadership