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My mom has been extremely blessed and well-served on EVERY LEVEL in her home health care with the AgileLife system, since leaving that God-forsaken rehab stay. Here's our great news...Mom is up...walking independently now, 35 lbs lighter, and, with physical therapy training, able to enter & exit her bed independently now!! The outdated Hoyer Lift which caused my mom pain and fear was also the most undignified experience and I would not wish it on my enemy! We are so grateful to have met you all (Next Health) and been a part of your amazing product!!

-Laurie Serricchio

"My mom loves it! Now she can spend the better part of her day out of bed."

- Daughter of Client in Assisted Living Facility

"(It) will cut down on labor costs, as well as time, which allows nurses to actually do more of what they need to do in direct patient care instead of transferring a patient in and out of bed."

- Hospital Administrator

"This system makes my life easier. Instead of taking extra time using a mechanical lift and straining my back, with the touch of a button our consumer can be moved."

- CNA at Community Home

"The easy access in and out has eliminated the push and pull on my mother's body.  She is put in and out very easily."

- Daughter of Client in Home Setting

"Our Client had been in a long term care facility for 2 years and wanted to return to her home. She would not have been able to go home without the AgileLife system."

- MFP Care Manager, State of CT MFP Program

"The AgileLife has been a 'game-changer' for me. The mechanical lift caused extreme pain and this is totally comfortable. I felt a sense of freedom when this came and can't say enough about it. I'd love to come and work as a salesman for Next Health when I recover because everyone needs to know about this!"

- Patient in Skilled Nursing Facility